Pixels, Voxels, Code!


This is the online playground of Johannes Richter,¬†indie game developer, pico8 enthusiast, Amiga nostalgist and adventure game affictionado. I’ve been working in VFX for Film and Games for a long, long time and when the nerdism strikes I tend to tinker with things digital.

Here is where at purely circumstantial intervals I will document findings, write tutorials and show off minor nerd achievements.


Science Puzzle Game
Molecule – A Chemical Challenge
Bubble Shooter Game
Love Is In The Air!
Pumpkin Halloween Game
Pumpkin Punch


Gerstner Waves

Getting my feet wet


It’s been since 2006 that I wrote my last actual HLSL shader. A few hardware generations on I’ve started dabbling in shaders again. Main motivation is probably my new job in Games. Where VFX and it’s mostly rigid offline-render pipeline never spawned much of a sensation of being able to… Read more

Procedural Connection


Due to my day job, I’m somewhat of a Houdini power user. Considering that, it’s quite late that I got to actually play with Houdini Engine for Unity. Sadly it’s just not a topic in VFX – yet. But finally I’ve started chipping away on a prototype for a new… Read more

Moneyzzz $$$


I’ve been working with a principle called Vertex Animation Textures lately. In essense this is about using texture maps to drive animation of a non dynamic number of mesh entities in a 3D scene. I used the Houdini Game Development Tools¬†that allow you to export a set of packed geometries… Read more