Putting the spirit of pixels at the heart of game design


A.MIGHTY.DISH is the creation of award-winning VFX artist Johannes Richter, known for his work on the visual effects for films such as Gravity, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 or the Avengers. Johannes’s indie game studio pays homage to the not-so-bygone era of 90’s video games, the time of a great frontier discovering the roots of what has become the global industry we know today.




Science Puzzle Game
Molecule – A Chemical Challenge
Bubble Shooter Game
Love Is In The Air!
Pumpkin Halloween Game
Pumpkin Punch


Procedural Connection


Due to my day job, I’m somewhat of a Houdini power user. Considering that, it’s quite late that I got to actually play with Houdini Engine for Unity. Sadly it’s just not a topic in VFX – yet. But finally I’ve started chipping away on a prototype for a new… Read more

Moneyzzz $$$


I’ve been working with a principle called Vertex Animation Textures lately. In essense this is about using texture maps to drive animation of a non dynamic number of mesh entities in a 3D scene. I used the Houdini Game Development Tools that allow you to export a set of packed geometries… Read more

More treasure hunting!


After tinkering with AR for my last post, I got somewhat hooked. Same objective, this time around. Help your tiny friend to get to the treasure. This time around you have a (conveniently heavy) anvil, a see-saw and a wooden platform you can move around. I managed to upgrade my… Read more