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Back to Pixels

I started making games in an Amiga500 some time in 1993. Well… “making games”. It was the great aera of pixels. I made dozens of games that – of course – seldom finished. But it did kindle my enthusiasm for digital art, for programming and essentially launched me on a trajectory, I am still on today.

Fast forward, I bumped into Pico8 a while back. One of tha many fantasy consoles, that have established their rightful place in the Indie Development and Jam scene.

I gives you 128×128 pixels and a palette of 16 locked colours to go wild. Sprite, Tiles, Sound and Music editor is all included.

I bought it (worth all it’s value) and made this game in about 2 hours!

Tataaa! PicoFighter!

You can also just play it right in your browser here!

For anyone looking to get into games, or anyone who wants to delve deep in nostalgia, this is your thing! It totally was mine. And quietly – I didn’t notice it at the start – it also launched