Waggleboard AR Minigame

As I have unity no working pretty well with Vuforia and AR, I’m toying with a few mini game ideas.

Still getting used to how it all ties nicely together, struggling with the discrepencies between world and content scale a bit as it messes with physics and lighting. But made progress. Spent a good half hour just playing and utterly failing to get the ball into the box.

Cleaned up the scene today and presented the whole thing a bit better. And changed some physics parameters to actually get this to work much nicer.

It’s cool to interact with the world. Still feels a little bit too tinkerish when shuffling markers around while making sure the webcam – which is taped to my desk lamp – doesn’t fall off. It’s all a matter of time until there is some nice end user interface and plain real world object tracking. That’s what I gonna start looking into next.

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