More treasure hunting!

After tinkering with AR for my last post, I got somewhat hooked.

Same objective, this time around. Help your tiny friend to get to the treasure. This time around you have a (conveniently heavy) anvil, a see-saw and a wooden platform you can move around.

I managed to upgrade my camera, so I could engage in a few camera angles and some compelling, story driving editing. And once again, this is all done just on my desk.

It’s quite amazing how much difference a real world connecting into the virtual scene has. Even if its jittery tracking of crinkled paper markers, that kinda obscure half the screen. There is definitely something in this approach that – with better soft/hardware – will bring small revolution in the gaming world.

And I’m not talking PS4 Shooter replacements. I’m talking playing Monopoly with your family, or Settlers of Catan. With animated characters, that come to life on your living room table.

Or – I cannot spare a World Cup reference – play the next FIFA match against your colleagues at lunchtime on the office floor, with everyone standing around the field!

Well, easly days, I’ll keep playing. Let me know what you think!

The models are partially free assets from the unity asset store> A few I modelled and painted with Sculptris. Just wanted to try it out and it’s a useful – and for the average indie game developer most importantly – free alternative for 3d sculpting and painting.

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