Procedural Connection

Due to my day job, I’m somewhat of a Houdini power user. Considering that, it’s quite late that I got to actually play with Houdini Engine for Unity. Sadly it’s just not a topic in VFX – yet.

But finally I’ve started chipping away on a prototype for a new game that requires dungeon creation and so I got around to crossing the bridge from SOPs into Unity via the Houdini Engine.

Here a small demo video:


This system is set up as a single HDA, which is driven by a bunch of input curves. The curves come straight out of unity and allow to interactively adapt the level creation.

From the curves – with SOPs lofting, booleans and a bit of wrangling – I generate the dungeon. Also setting the attributes for connecting unity materials directly. This is my main concern, as I really want to just get my world set up with a single click. I suppose I could also run a post processing script, seen the hooks for that on the Unity HDA asset.

Works like a charm! I’m sure there will be a good use for this.

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