Pumpkin Punch

Status: Released

Game Description

Pumpkin Punch is a classic Halloween shoot-out featuring hand-drawn ghoulies, smashing pumpkins and super cute kittens. 

The rules are simple:

  1. Keep the pumpkins out of your garden by punching them back to the dark place they came from.
  2. Keep the kittens safe and beware of the skulls or they will come and GET YOU!



Simply fun game! Love the sound effects.

– Suzie Hall | Google Play

Great game! Gets really challenging!

– Tom Ferstl | Google Play

Armoured pumpkins – made my day!

– John van Leeuwen| Google Play

The making of Pumpkin Punch

This Game was made in about three weeks time. Purely out of the desire to release something for Halloween. It was time to do it, as I have been making games about 20 years prior to this release but never actually released any beyond the level of school yard sale.

Made in LöVE2D, very nice little framework. After PICO8 got me back into game making, this was the first choice. Well… LUA… I have my issues with it’s principles and syntax. But for this one, it totally served the purpose.


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