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Snakes in AR

I started a while back on a two player snake game which I used to test out Löve2D. I’ve ported the code to Unity and set up a simple test with Vuforia.

The whole process is very straightforward. I was quite impressed how well it tracks. A well lit environment seems a must, especially when testing with a £5 WebCam it struggled a bit.

Here the clip:

Apologies for the in parts bad quality and clunky handling. Holding a marker and a phone while playing is beyond the range of my motoric functions.

For this test the interaction is quite simple, nothing particularly taylored for AR.

It lets you can play snake on any flat surface, like a floor or a table. In the video I “glued” it to a marker. Touching left/right of the phone screen steers the snake. Tap with two fingers resets.

I have a few better ideas for some cool more AR-esk mini games. Watch this space!